Friday, July 14, 2017

Led Zeppelin: 1979-08-04 Stevenage, UK, Knebworth Festival (Pro Shot_3 DVD) REPLACEMENT LINKS GOOD FOR 7 DAYS ONLY

These are TEMPORARY links for a show I promised to get uploaded again as soon as I could.  These links will be good for 7 DAYS ONLY from the time they're uploaded.

I have no file sharing site anymore and I have been looking for a good one that is free user friendly as well as one that allows me to store at least a few TB's of data.  The cost involved as well as the sites that meet the criteria have me in limbo right now.  I can't afford what I'd like to use so I am using what I think is the best service for free users.  It's WeTransfer and they have fast speeds and users can download multiple links simultaneously.  There are limitation to downloading simultaneously and I don't know if it's based on file sizes or number of downloads at once?  So if you get a few downloads going and then you can't download any more, just let a download or two finish and then try the remaining links.  WeTransfer is FAST so that is really good.

This early post is a preparation for the 3 DVD 1980-08-04 superb Knebworth video.  It's also to let those who have requested this show again know to keep a lookout for it now.  As soon as the links become available, likely sometime today, I'll post them here.

This is the original link to the show and information:
BBBB Original 1979-08-04 3 DVD Upload/Info


Part 1 - 1979-08-04 KNEBWORTH MASTERS - LINK EXPIRES 2017-07-21
Part 2 - 1979-08-04 KNEBWORTH MASTERS - LINK EXPIRES 2017-07-21
Part 3 - 1979-08-04 KNEBWORTH MASTERS - LINK EXPIRES 2017-07-21
Part 4 - 1979-08-04 KNEBWORTH MASTERS - LINK EXPIRES 2017-07-21
Part 5 - 1979-08-04 KNEBWORTH MASTERS - LINK EXPIRES 2017-07-21
Part 6 - 1979-08-04 KNEBWORTH MASTERS - LINK EXPIRES 2017-07-21

Enjoy the show...


Saturday, June 24, 2017

SPECIAL NOTICE: Links To ALL Shows On The Site Thru 2017-07-24 @ 6:11 PM CST

This is my first upload I made to the Amazon Drive account after I bought a 15 month account.  This has all of the uploads I have made to this site.  And as my previous post indicates and details, Amazon Drive screwed all of us account holders over by no longer offering unlimited storage after they baited us in with the offer.  I am still upset at Amazon and don't even want to buy anything from or through them at this point.
There are some errors, caused by Amazon's stoneage system of failing uploads and downloads with no messages to let users know, in the Journey folder where complete uploads did not occur for some of the shows.  So look carefully at the files before you decide to download and make sure tracks are not missing.

Here's the real kicker in limitations that Amazon imposed on all users.  You can only download 5 GB at a time.  I believe you can download multiple (I think 5) downloads simultaneously but if they exceed 5 GB then you have to pick and chose what you want to download first and then get the rest next.  On 2 DVD copies or DL DVD's you will need to download 1 DVD at a time (2 DVD sets) or download part of the DL DVD's and then go back and get the rest of it in another download.
Amazon Drive names all files with a name like "Amazondownload.rar" or something similar and zips them with this name.  So you cannot download multiple folders or files into just one folder because each time you start a new download it will have the same name as the last download.  That is until it is unzipped and then whatever I named it (the folder) is there.  You can pick multiple folders and download them at the same time as long as they don't exceed 5 GB at a time.  So if you were to be downloading five 1969 Led Zeppelin shows that were under 1 GB each, it would download them as one file with the Amazon default name.  And when you unzip them the individual folders will all be there.
Amazon is cutting off my account since I set it not to renew my account (otherwise I'd be needing $1800 - $2000 a year instead of the $60 they were offering).  The account should be good until June 28th at 6:11 PM Central Standard Time.  Then they will delete my account and files.
I've actually deleted my own files with the exception of the folder named "BBBB Uploads" which has the links to everything on this site (Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog).  A few files I did change up and instead of being two or three links like in their post I made them into one link.  Nothing was uploaded in the zipped format but Amazon dowes zip them up when you download them. Some were uploaded via FileFactory in the past with multiple download links if they were 1 GB or over.  Even smaller files were set up with multiple links in the earlier FileFactory days when the files had to be 200 MB or less per file.  So if you have been trying to get a show but the FileFactory links have gone bad or maybe even one link has gone bad, you will need to download the full show again via Amazon Drive's site.
I am looking at other file sharing/storage sites now and trying to find something I can afford to purchase as well as a site that offers the basic features (like file size...Amazon doesn't even tell you how big a download is) and will let me store at least 2 TB or more for a decent rate.  If anyone can recommend a site, please do so in the comments area.  I'd appreciate it.  I want unlimited storage but I'll look at any good deals that offer at least 1 TB or more.  And thanks you!
Be sure to get this stuff quickly because Amazon gives no care or room to make it easier for us.
I hope you can get what you want and thanks again for any file sharing/storage recommendations...


Monday, June 19, 2017

SPECIAL NOTICE: Amazon's Bait and Switch Scam and Computer Up and Running

After buying an Amazon Drive account the company went and cancelled all unlimited storage accounts. Amazon Drive was not that good to begin with and they left a lot of basic features every other file storage / sharing site I've used had. I was disappointed with the service and how often uploads and downloads failed. I had 15 months, 3 of those were a trial, I had purchased to see if I liked it. But after 2 months Amazon cancelled the unlimited storage and anybody who had not use their three free months got the axe. Those who had been charged because they passed their free trial date were charged and locked into their account that will likely be useless to them if they try to store as much data as I was uploading. It would have cost me over $1,800 a year to upload everything I wanted to and then have links for it. That would have made the price go up from $60 to close to $2,000. I know that Amazon offered this deal knowing what they were going to do. They wanted to bait us with a great price and then switch it to a completely different deal after we got our data uploaded. This is very bad business practice and has made me rethink how I use Amazon in the future. I cancelled my account which was set to renew automatically in less than a month.

I finally was able to get my new SSD drive I've had for 6 months installed and I have been setting up my computer and operating system so that I can use it again and upload more shows to my site here. Unfortunately, I have to find a new file sharing site now and I may just go back to FileFactory, or maybe Mega, depending on the cost. FileFactory only gives a premium user 1 TB of data and they have no mobile device app for being able to upload from a mobile device without creating a Mobile account and pay more. I'm looking around at other file sharing sites right now trying to find one that is affordable and offers the best deal as far as their service and functionality goes.

It shouldn't be much longer and I will have my PC ready to begin uploads again. I have gotten some really great material that I will upload as soon as I start back. This one post is from my mobile device using Google Voice to Text.

So I should be back soon with some new material and uploads. Please keep a lookout and it will not be long.


Monday, April 3, 2017

SPECIAL NOTICE: Changing Links Over Time

As anyone who has been to this site has seen, there has not been any activity since mid last year. I am currently in the process of trying to get back to where I can upload shows and start being active again.

One thing I am doing is switching my file sharing account from FileFactory to Amazon because the price is much better and the speeds are much better as well.

This will take some time and I do have a lot on my plate right now that I am trying to complete. I still do not have my new SSD drive installed, and needless to say, the drive will need to be set up again which will take some time once it is installed.

I may temporarily use Mega and post links here for some material and from a different computer. Either way, I won't be very active until everything is finalized and ready to go.

I hope you will continue to check back and as things get completed the new uploads will be more regular again. I have some links to post for some material I have uploaded to another Led Zeppelin group in the past month. I am currently making this post from my new smartphone and I will be able to do much more as I am able to do it from a computer where I can see things better. I hope to talk to some of you soon. Stay tuned...


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SPECIAL NOTICE: Replacing Bad Drive With SSD Drive/Returning Soon!

Hello Friends,

As it is obvious, I have not been able to do much uploading this year.  I've had a lot going on as I try and stay afloat in this costly world we live in.  I just have not had time to add shows and really have barely downloaded many because of the time constraints (it takes me a while to do this with my vision) and with just normal life in general for a lot of this year.  But that is about to change.

I finally am back to a point where I can start uploading again.  But now my hard drive has failed on my main PC and I am in the process of buying and replacing the drive with a new solid state drive (SSD).  These SSD's last so much longer and have no moving parts to break down.  And they are much, much faster too.  I hope to have everything restored and up and running by sometime next week.  I hate to give a time frame since they never seem to happen like I think they will.  But either way, it won't be much longer.

So if you've enjoyed getting shows here in the past, keep a lookout for new ones real soon.

Until then...


Monday, August 29, 2016

Creedence Clearwater Revival: 1970-08-29 Inglewood, CA (FLAC_AUD 2nd Gen_1 CD)

Today is the 46th anniversary of this Creedence Clearwater Revival show in the Los Angeles area.  The recording is not bad either.  The source being low generation (2nd generation) helps I am sure.  But there are issues with the recording too.  I'll get into those below as I describe the recording.

I couldn't sleep tonight, and since I haven't been able to upload a show in a long time, I decided to see who's concert anniversary it was today.  I am trying to get to a point where I can start uploading regularly again but it has been difficult lately.  And on top of other issues keeping me busy, the hard drive on my main PC (this PC) is failing and will "imminently fail" according to the boot up message.  So this is something I'll have to take care of before I can return as well.

Audience master > 2nd Gen reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > CD WAV > me > TLH > WAV (to test for lossiness) > Audacity (to view waveform, embed metadata/track titles & info, and then to re-encode) > FLAC 8 > TLH (to check for SBE's and create and verify new ffp & md5 files) > you

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Date: August 29th, 1970
Location: Inglewood, California
Venue: The Forum
Title: None

Label: None
Source: AUD 2nd Gen
Format: FLAC
CD's: 1
Artwork: No
Size: 193 MB
Length: 44:05:72


01. instrument tuning
02. Run Through The Jungle

03. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
04. Tombstone Shadow

05. Fortunate Son
06. Commotion
07. Midnight Special
08. Bad Moon Rising
09. Proud Mary
10. Ooby Dooby
11. Up Around The Bend
12. Keep On Chooglin'

(1) 1970-08-29 Inglewood, CA (AUD 2nd Gen)

The waveform has no clipping (or maybe one spike into the red really) and it doesn't show any brickwalling.  But the audio likely has been amplified and it is close to being maxed out in  the waveform. 

The audio sounds great but it has issues as I mentioned.  There is some distortion in louder, heavier bass parts of the show and there is also an issue early on that sounds like a flat spot on a tape head on the tape recorder/player or maybe just a tape issue where the audio goes between good and great sounding in waves.  But this clears up for the most part too as the show progresses.  And the instruments can easily be heard as can the vocals.  But again, the "flat spot on the tape head" sound does keep on chooglin' (or arising) and keeps appearing in various spots around the bend.  OK, enough CCR humor/analogy here.

There are some songs reportedly missing from what I researched and there are a few dropouts in the recording.  But it really does flow nicely in the show and it is not a big issue.

Thanks to "deadhead69" for sharing this one on Dime a while back.  I listened to the whole recording as I was preparing the post and it is really a nice one.  With so many CCR shows (audience and soundboard recordings) having distortion, being bad recordings, etc out there; it's nice to hear one you can actually understand and hear the different musicians equally on.  If it wasn't for the tape/recorder issue in the audio it would easily be an excellent recording.  But to a CCR fan, I think you'll like it just fine as is.  The guitar really sounds great in this show also!

I hope you enjoy the show...






Saturday, June 25, 2016

Led Zeppelin: 1977-06-13 New York, NY (FLAC_AUD Source 2 Master & Source 1 1st Gen Mix_3 CD)

It's been a long time since I've...uploaded a Led Zeppelin show (or any show for that matter).  All I can say is I have been busy and I also needed a break.

This show is one I've never uploaded before and it's one that was requested over on my Facebook page about a month ago.  This is a great sounding recording too.  Great means pretty much middle of the road of you've ever looked over and noticed the ratings (above all the band names and links) I give shows.

I think the source 2, or primary source used here, recording of this show is the best one.  The source 1 recording has too much noise and distortion throughout it but does have more high frequencies.  But still, the source 2 recording is cleaner and much easier to listen to I feel.  Of course this upload is a mix of the two sources with source 1 being used to fill in the missing material in the show after "Kashmir".  Stanko, or source 2, reportedly taped the full show but lost the tape with the material after "Kashmir" and up through "Achilles Last Stand".

(1) Source 2 CD-Rs > EAC > Sony Sound Forge > WAV > TLH > FLAC >
(2) Source 1 CD-R's > EAC > Sony Sound Forge > WAV > TLH > FLAC >
me > TLH > WAV (to test for lossiness) > Audacity (to view waveform, embed metadata/track titles & info, and then to re-encode) > FLAC 8 > TLH (to check for SBE's and create and verify new ffp & md5 files) > you

The only other thing I did was take the final tracks, "Whole Lotta Love" and "Black Dog", and split them into two tracks.  They were originally one track so I used CD Wave Editor and created a split at the right point to form two tracks.

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: June 13th, 1977
Location: New York, New York
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Title: None

Label: Stanko & Artie (tapers)
Source: AUD (Source 2 Master & Source 1 1st Gen Mix)
Format: FLAC
CD's: 3
Artwork: No
Size: 1.10 GB
Length: 182:45:69


CD 1:
101. crowd
102. The Song Remains The Same

103. Sick Again
104. Nobody's Fault But Mine

Over The Hills And Far Away
106. Since I've Been Loving You
107. No Quarter
108. Ten Years Gone

CD 2:
201. The Battle Of Evermore

202. Going To California
203. Black Country Woman ~ Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
204. White Summer ~ Black Mountain Side
205. Kashmir
206. Over The Top

CD 3:
301. Heartbreaker
302. Jimmy Page (violin bow guitar solo)
Achilles Last Stand
304. Stairway To Heaven
305. encore/crowd
306. Whole Lotta Love
307. Black Dog

(1) 1977-06-13 New York, NY (AUD Source 2 & 1 Mix)
(2) 1977-06-13 New York, NY (AUD Source 2 & 1 Mix)

(1) 1977-06-13 New York, NY (AUD Source 2 & 1 Mix) (Mirror)

(2) 1977-06-13 New York, NY (AUD Source 2 & 1 Mix) (Mirror)

I'm using a free Mega account as a mirror in this upload.  Those of you downloading please leave me a message here or on the Facebook (Community Group or Secret Group) letting me know what works best as far as the links go.  I eventually plan on adding a secondary mirror site to my posts as I've always had until the last year or so.  Your opinion will help me help you.

This really is a nice performance by Led Zeppelin you can hear throughout this show.  Robert Plant sounds great vocally and Jimmy Page sounds on fire during his solos.  His "Over The Hills And Far Away" solo sounds great as I listen to it now.

The waveform looks great for both sources and there is no audio clipping either.  The audio sounds pretty level too throughout the show in each source.  There is some crowd chatter heard.  Primarily a yapping girl can be heard in the source 2 audio at times.  And in the source 1 audio, or the Artie audio, it's a crap-shoot at who may be heard at times.  Artie is the famous Led Zeppelin New York taper that is also known for talking a lot in his recordings.  But overall, this is a great sounding two source mix.

I've got a DVD-A of this source 2 material that I think sounds the best of all audio I've ever heard for this show.  In the text file for the DVD-A, it mentions that the audio was transferred off of the master tapes using the baking process to prevent any further oxidizing of the tapes.  This source 2 audio being shared here now is the same audio and came from the same transfer after it was converted over to the CD standard format.  It is not from another transfer of the master tapes prior to the baking of them (which of course allows a one time transfer and they're no longer any good).

The more I listen to this show, the better it is sounding to me.

So here is a breakdown of the tracks from the source 1 material that was used to patch this show and make it complete.  "Over The Top", "Heartbreaker", Jimmy Page's violin bow guitar solo, and "Achilles Last Stand" are the source 1 patch tracks.  But when "Stairway To Heaven" comes in, it goes back to the original source 2 material through the end of the show.  There are likely other parts in the show where a short section from source 1 would be added to fill in a gap (usually between songs) in the source 2 recording when something like a tape flip occurred.  But the text file lists the above mentioned songs as fully source 1 material as well.

I wish I knew where I got this from but I cannot seem to nail that fact down tonight.  I wanted to thank the project creator.  They also cleaned up some sound issues such as balancing the channels and working with the audio (not mentioned how) using Sound Forge.  So technically, this audio may be slightly different sounding that the DVD-A copy I mentioned a little bit ago.  Whoever did the work did a great job and from everything I can see they knew what they were doing and did it right.

I wish I could have uploaded this one on its 39th anniversary which was less than two weeks ago.  But I was not able to.  Since I had some time tonight and I knew this one was wanted by a few people, I decided to get it done and uploaded for my friends.

I hope you enjoy the show...